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Scratch Off World Map

Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch off and marvel at the amazing places you've been around the world  using the classy and stylish Scratch Map.

This is a must have for those who love to jet-set around the globe, and wish to fondly take a glimpse at past memories. It can beyour travel journal and a beautiful reminder of your adventures. Makes it so easy to start a conversation with guests!

With a slick, black background and scratch-off copper foil revealing many colorful countries and islands, this is truly personalized to you. At the beginning, the map is covered by a layer of coating which would be scraped away as you travel.



  • Deluxe edition. Delicately crafted and rich in content. 
  • Detailed information of mainland and ocean are showed with rich text and chart
  • Reveals beautiful colors after scratching
  • Elegantly packed

Hang it at home or in your office and show where you have traveled around the world! 


Comes packed in a slick tube so it can make a luxurious gift for a passionate traveller!


Map Dimensions: 82x60 cm / 33.23 inch


Package Includes:

1x Deluxe Scratch Off World Map