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Popular Reborn Baby Doll

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brown eyes
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Wow! How cute is that? Would make such nice play companion for your child...


The reborn baby dolls were first manufactured in USA in the '90s as a response to the increasing demand for more realistic dolls and they are done so well they almost seem alive.


This doll is very 100% handmade, realistic and lifelike. It is made using imported Silicone raw materials from Germany, 100% safe, non-toxic, in line with European safety standards for export. 


Big blue or brown eyes with dark brown curly eyelashes and soft mohair hair. The eyebrows are hand drawn and is recommended to not force wiping them for long lasting effect. The nostrils are open, just like breathing.  Her lips look warm, naturally moist and soft.


The nails are completely hand-drawn, with all the details of the pink nail bed and translucent nails, and even some nails have the half of moon shape.


The skin of the doll is the most unique, designers spend long hours to make the skin look realistic and soft.  Feels so wonderful to touch.


Head and limbs are all made of silicone vinyl. The body is made of cloth. Doll limbs can be  active, it can sit or lie, cloth body can not enter the water, can not stand, speak or feed.


The doll comes with clothes, pacifier, bottle and a gift toy.


This doll would make a fantastic birthday / Christmas gift for kids / doll lovers / collectors.


Doll size is 22 inch / 55cm