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Photography Backdrop - Flower Terrace

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Photography Backdrop - Flower Terrace

Here's a gorgeous background every bride would like to have on her wedding photos. Clean and beautiful design that makes a perfect romantic scenery for capturing unique emotions.

The backdrop is offered in 2 options: 

1. Print on Polyester. If the background is dirty, you can throw it into the washing machine. It is thick, durable, bright in colour, no seam, will not fade. Can be used multiple times, both indoor and outdoor, and is suitable for Professional Photographers and Photo Studios. It's the preferred choice for the photographers. 

2. Print on thin vinyl. This is a cheaper and lighter version than the polyester cloth. It is also durable, soft, easy to fold and carry, tear proof. It is recommended for one time use. Don't touch it with water, when you find the footprints on the backdrop, you can try use a slightly moist damp cloth to try wipe it. 

Item color may have slight color difference from picture shown due to monitors and shooting light. Please understand this is normal.

Several sizes available

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