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ECO Drinking Straws

Silver Straight
Gold Straight
Rose Gold Straight
Black Straight
Mix Color Straight
Silver Bent
Gold Bent
Rose Gold Bent
Black Bent
Mix Color Bent

Can one straw change the world?

Every single day we read about how plastic is increasingly present in our food, in our oceans - poisoning us and our planet. While we may think we're too small to make a big change, we can all make small changes and inspire others to follow us.

These reusable stainless steel straws will help you do that!


  • Made from food grade stainless steel
  • easy to clean 
  • totally eco friendly
  • available in silver, gold, rose gold and black
  • style: bent, straight  

Imagine a cleaner planet! Cleaner beaches, cleaner water, cleaner food. You can contribute to make this happen.

Package includes:

4 straws + cleaning brush