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Body & Clothing Tape


Isn't it annoying when your shirt pops open just in the middle of a meeting? Or when your your favorite blouse just won't stay in place?

The solution to these is sooo simple and handy: a double sided adhesive tape that adheres to both skin and fabric. This is ideal for Deep plunge clothing, Open-sided dresses, Wrap-style tops, Butt Pads, Gaps between buttons, Tube tops and halters, Cuffs, Scarfs, Socks and jewelry, Open hems bra straps, Shoulder pads where your look needs a little tweaking.

When you know where you would like the garment to sit, remove the backing paper and press the garment firmly in place for a few seconds.Simply cut the required amount from the roll and stick to the skin ensuring that the skin is clean, dry & free from any cream or moisturisers before applying.

Made with quality safe medical grade adhesive. 

Color Style: Natural Color
Size: 16mm x 3 metres