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Baby Milk Teeth Souvenir Box

What an elegant solution to keep your baby's milk teeth. Every tooth is unique for the baby, because it saves the memorable moments about the kid's growth.

Also, baby teeth can be very useful for stem cell needs, SAVE THEM! ♡ 

How to best prepare baby teeth for keepsake:

Gently clean the tooth with soap and water if you want to save the tooth as a memento. Brush rubbing alcohol over the tooth surfaces with a cotton swab to disinfect it. Dry the tooth with a clean towel. Teeth do not deteriorate significantly over time, but cleaning them will prevent any bacteria from growing on the tooth. Place the clean, dry tooth in a your baby tooth box for storage.

This can be an ideal gift for small children for when the first teeth come out and will make a good memory in their life.

Hand-made wooden box with magnetic closure, environmentally friendly.

Get one today!