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4d Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara



This is an ideal product for women with short lashes or who want to  add a boost of length and natural thickness to your eye lashes.

The type of brush this mascara has is ideal for coating every individual lash, making them longer denser and richer in an evenly way.

This mascara is not over loading your lashes, even if you apply several layers you will obtain a natural look not the thick, glued aspect you get with must mascara.


  • easy application
  • coats each individual lash with natural silk fiber
  • non irritating
  • mildly waterproof - good balance between whole day wearing and easily coming off, no more smudges through the day, nor any hard time during washing it off. 

Designed for your daily use, dating, little get-together and any kinds of parties, no mascara base needed. Perfect for professional use.

Tube size: 8 ml